Mexico Entry Visa’s

Recently we traveled to Mexico for a short getaway out of the cold. There was something new at customs that we experienced when we arrived. There is an e-entry line at customs. This is the first queue when walking into the customs area.

This new line allows travelers to go thru an electronic entry process rather than speaking to a Mexican immigration officer. When you approach the front of the line you are guided to 1 of 4 entry areas. You place your passport face down on the glass reader. Once it is scanned, the last set of clear doors will open for you to walk through. Once they close behind you, you are guided to stand on a circle on the floor and look into the camera until it records your picture. Once this is done, the second set of doors will open, and an entry visa will be printed off for you to take.  

You need to keep hold of this. The next door will open, and you exit out to continue to baggage claim.

Once your bags arrive, you will need to declare your items you have that may fit the Mexican govt. roles. Items like cigars, etc.

Most travelers have their transfers already included in their packages. You will find these outside the terminal. Those without the transportation included will have plenty of options, as there are taxis, time shares, and rental car companies just waiting for you outside of baggage claim.

Departing Mexico-Arriving back to the airport between 2-3 hrs. will give you plenty of time to get thru customs and check your baggage if needed. If you, went then the electronic entry process when you arrived in Mexico, you will need to show the electronic visa paper that was printed for you when you check-in at the ticketing counter for your departing flight back to the U.S. This paper has a QR code that you need to scan and download the immigration form to your phone. (see picture above).

You will show this form and the paper along with your passport to the airline ticketing agent. If you do not have this paper but did scan the QR code at some point you will need to walk over to the immigration office, present them with the downloaded pdf and your passport. They will stamp your passport and you need to go back to the ticket check-in counter. If you went through the normal entry process and spoke with the immigration officer when you arrived, they stamped your passport, and you received your visa paperwork. This is all you need to show at check-in and to go through security at your time of departure.

The most important items you need to keep track of to exit Mexico are:

1) your passport and

2) your electronic visa document + the entry paper receipt, or the paper visa given to you at entry. Once you arrive and go through those procedures at time of entry, tuck your passport entry visa paper (hard copy or paper receipt), into a safe place and enjoy your time in Mexico. If you have all these in order your departure back home will be much less stressful.

Happy Travels!

Leigh Ann Arnholt CTIE, MCC, WSET III

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