Work From Home as an Independent Agent on the Carson Travel Team!

Pick Your Path!

Testing the Waters.

Ready to Rock!

Looking For Something New!

Not sure if you want to do anything more than your own personal travel planning, that’s fine!  Why not make a little extra money on your own travel!  We have all the tools to teach you how to earn a little more each time you go!  You can be engaged as little or as much as you like in this pathway!

You want more!  You want to learn, to grow, and to learn how to sell more!  You are looking for more than just planning your own travel, you want to help others and start making this a new career!  Our training and access to more training with The Travel Institute, CLIA, and much more will help you start down this path quickly!

You are an industry veteran!  You know travel and love it.  You are looking for a change and maybe even downsizing your own office to embrace a more home-based position.  This path may have better earning opportunities and freedom for you!

How Does Carson Travel Independent Program Work For You?

Our program works for you when you are ready!  The flexibility of being an independent agent with Carson Travel allows this business to work around your other work and life schedules.  This program is built for you and you are the boss of your business.  If you want to work 9 to 5 you can, and if you find working with your clients in the evenings is best, then that works too!  You set your own hours and you set your own pay. 

You get paid on what you sell.  This is a commission based program and you determine how much you want to earn by the sales you invoice.  The benefits of this type of role is that you determine how and when you work, which in today’s climate is a great advantage.  You can work from home, at a coffee house, on vacation, just about anywhere you have internet and cell phone access.  Here are the benefits of our program!

  • Flexible hours, you determine how much or how little you want to work
  • Ability to book travel for yourself and for you clients and earn an income from these sales
  • Have access to Carson Travel’s CLIA and IATA numbers to have the ability to book travel and earn an income
  • 80% commission split for all independents on all sales
  • No minimum requirements in sales revenues
  • Coverage under Carson Travel’s Errors and Omissions Insurance
  • Access to all vendor training platforms
  • Member of Ensemble Travel Group and all the amenities of our consortia
  • Service fees you charge to clients 100% to you
  • No Start Up Fees
  • Support from Carson Travel to help you learn, grow, and succeed
  • Access to FAM’s (Familiarization Trips), training, webinars, and education
  • A Carson Travel e-mail and access to Microsoft Office platforms included

What is the cost of the program?

Our program has no start up fees or annual renewals. It is a simple monthly or yearly fee to stay active with the company.  You decide what works best for you.  

Our monthly fee is $45.83 (includes taxes and processing fees).  This is charged on the first of each month. 

You can choose to pay for your entire year $549.99, if you like on January 1st of each year.  

Each year in December all Independent agents will be offered a new contract for the next year. 

If you are joining at some point during the year you will have the choice to begin monthly payments or pay the remaining amount due for the months left in the current year. 

This fee will give you all the benefits listed above and access to everything the agency lends to you, so that you can have a successful business.  

There are no yearly minimums on the amount of sales you must do in order to receive your 80% commission split on your individual sales.  You must remain current on your monthly fee in order to receive your sales commission splits if paying monthly.

Your yearly fee is considered a tax write off. You will get a receipt for each payment you make for your tax deductions.

You are not an employee with Carson Travel and will receive a 1099 for your taxes.  You are responsible for setting aside your own taxes out of your commission payments from the agency.

How Do You Make An Income?

For each sale you make there is a commission from the vendor you booked.  It could be from a hotel, a cruise, car rental, or tour operator. You will receive 80% of the revenue produced from your sale of the travel booked.

You also keep 100% of any fee you charge your clients for your work.