Creating Your Next Travel Story Creating Your Next Travel Story Creating Your Next Travel Story Creating Your Next Travel Story Creating Your Next Travel Story
Creating Your Next Travel Story
to Hamburg
Creating Your Next Travel Story
Down the Winding Road
Creating Your Next Travel Story
to Santorini
Creating Your Next Travel Story
to the Vineyards
Creating Your Next Travel Story
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We believe that every time you travel you create a new story. These stories are more important than ever, and we want them to be wonderful memories for you and your family.

We are travel professionals who help our clients create these stories. We come alongside you in your planning, to help guide and give you the expertise you desire to make sure your travel plans provide you the best experience and overall value. In this new world of travel, our knowledge of what you need to know in order to travel is an invaluable resource. Our training, trusted vendor partners, and personal travel experience allow us to be the guide in your travel planning process.

We look forward to helping you create your next travel story!



Rockies to the Red Rocks

Explore the unseen West by luxury rail on RockyMountaineer’s newest route, Rockies to the Red Rocks. Venture between the mesmerizing red sandstone rock formations in Moab, Utah, past vast canyons and chromatic deserts, to the towering Colorado Rockies in Denver.

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Planning Fees

Why We Charge Fees

We are your lifeline when it comes to travel planning, and we work really hard to give you the best travel experience. We do not get paid unless you complete your travel. Coming out of a time of no travel, we needed to adjust how we operate to be successful and continue to help our clients in planning your travel.



Flat Air-Only Booking Fee

$20.00 per person

Travel Planning Fee – Starting From


Air Change Fee (when client changes flight)

$50.00 per person

Trip Cancellation Fee

$50.00 per person

These fees are outside of the price of your trip cost. Please see our terms & conditions.