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Welcome to Carson Travel!  We believe that every time you travel you create a new story.  These stories are more important than ever and we want them to be wonderful memories for you and your families.  We are travel professionals that help our clients create these stories.  We come alongside of you in your planning, to help guide and give you the expertise you desire, to make sure your travel plans are the best experience and overall value for you. In this new world of travel our knowledge of what you need to know in order to travel is now an invaluable resource.  Our training, trusted vendor partners, and personal travel experience allows us to be the guide in your travel planning process.  We look forward to helping you create your next travel story!

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Carson Travel Planning Fee

To begin your travel planning we require a fee deposit.  This fee is put toward your trip deposit when you decide to confirm your travel and in the event you do not travel the fee covers our time and expertise.  If you cancel your travel after booking your travel, the fee is our cancellation penalty.  Our planning fee starts at $50 for all travel planning and for those with more intricate planning with multiple locations we have a larger deposit dependent on the work entailed. This is billed separately. We look forward to assisting you with your next travel story and we know you will find great value and comfort in our service.



What do you need to know in order to travel right now?

We are here for you!  We do our best to be “in the know” with all the updates and travel restrictions for all destinations around the world.  We work closely with all of our vendors to make sure you have all the documentation and knowledge to travel safely as we come out of this crisis.  

Domestic Travel: Hawaii and the US Virgin Islands are tightening their entry requirements.  Contact us for more details as they are currently changing weekly.

International Travel: As a U.S citizen you may depart the U.S for those countries that are allowing international traveler to arrive in their country.  Prior to your return you must have a negative PCR test result within 3 days of your flight back to the U.S.  This information is collected by the airline and you will be denied boarding if you do not have this information prior to your return flight.  

Many of our international hotel partners in the Caribbean and Mexico are offering these PCR tests for free or at very little cost.  We have all those details for you when you arrange your travel planning with us. 

With the Delta variant we are seeing new EU restrictions for those that are unvaccinated.  Contact us for more details on what is required regarding quarantine restrictions in the EU.  For vaccinated travelers we are seeing some additional changes on what is required as well.  Each country in the EU is different in what they are requiring.  We have all the information you need know in order to travel to these destinations.  

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