Changing Views of What is Luxury 

Lobby Bar-Explora Journeys

Changing Views of What is Luxury I think for me this has changed over the years. Of course, I will chalk up some of my opinions up to age and we have changed how we like to travel. But something else has changed and I believe it is an awakening to the direct correlation of […]

 Mexico Entry Visa’s 

Mexico Entry Visa’s Recently we traveled to Mexico for a short getaway out of the cold. There was something new at customs that we experienced when we arrived. There is an e-entry line at customs. This is the first queue when walking into the customs area. This new line allows travelers to go thru an […]

Why Go to the Vineyard

Kamen Estate-Sonoma

Why Go to The Vineyard? My first reaction is, why not? However, I am quite sure my genetic DNA makeup is part “get up and go.” I understand that some of you may ask why you should go. If you enjoy wine, then let me give you a few different perspectives as to why you […]

Travel Prep

Top 5 Items to Have Ready Before You Travel In 2024! Here are a few items that you want to have ready before you depart for your trip in 2024! 1. Passport or Passport Card If you are traveling internationally you will want to be sure this does not expire this year. The U.S State […]

Travel Planning Fee


Our travel planning fee is designed to give you the confidence you need in planning any travel today. This fee is now required when we begin planning any travel for our clients. The fee will be applied to the client’s travel booking once it is finalized. We work tirelessly to give our clients the best service and the knowledge of everything they need to know to travel in today’s post-COVID travel world. This fee allows us to work with our clients diligently on their behalf from the beginning of planning, getting all the details of what they value the most in their experiences, finalizing all payments and paperwork, keeping them updated on all items that they need to be aware of for their travel, and making sure they have everything they need to depart safely. In the event that there is a cancellation or emergency with the client, we will be there to assist with insurance claims, speak with vendors on their behalf, and help them in any cancellation needs they may have. The planning fee covers this assistance.

This fee is non-refundable. It will be applied to the initial deposit of the travel planning, per trip. Each trip will require a new planning fee for each client. In the event the client decides not to travel once our planning services have started and the research has been completed on their behalf, the fee covers our time and research. If a client has to cancel a trip, the fee becomes the agency cancellation fee. This can be a covered claim under the client’s insurance when they decide to purchase our 3rd party insurance (Allianz) and have to cancel their travel for a covered insurance reason on their policy.